My parents' dream of a house in the woods gave rise to the idea of Schodno. Some say "end of the world".

Pursuing our dreams, we started construction in 2008. Together with my father, we assembled the reinforcement, poured the benches with our own concrete and planned the next works. Our hearts grew with each successive stage. Unfortunately, my father did not live to see the first brick. His sudden death was a huge blow. Fighting with my thoughts, full of fear whether I would be able to cope with the task alone, I decided to finish our work.

Finally, proud and happy that I created this place, I moved into my home in 2015. My father's passion for construction and DIY makes me constantly create something new. I am more pleased with the new spatula in the box than the dress on the hanger. As the owner of the "old soul" and a fan of renovation, I love old school furniture in the new version and I adhere to the DIY principle. Schodno13 is evolving regularly and this is my place on earth without a doubt. This is how the idea of sharing this beautiful place with others was born.

I am Agnieszka and I invite you to my little world.